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funtoot is helping more than 75,000 students to excel in their academics. Our data suggests that more time students spend on funtoot, better are the chances to improve their problem solving skills. But during exam season how much time do you think should be spent on funtoot? An Average funtooter spends 30 mins daily to learn concepts on funtoot. As the exam approaches we suggest that every student should spend at least 1 hour to revise the concepts learned. funtoot’s  Exam-Prep package equips students with confidence to tackle the final exams.

We are listing 5 reasons for you to spend more time on funtoot:

1. Practice makes you perfect

It’s a no-brainer. The more you practice (especially Maths), the better will be the outcome.












2. Perfect guide

funtoot acts as a personal digital tutor on whom you can rely at any point of time.






3. Boost your confidence

Everyone needs that extra motivation during exam preparation. funtoot rewards you with fundas for every correct answers.









4. Avoid Night out

Daily practice on funtoot will give you a good night sleep before exam.






5. Instant results

funtoot gives instant feedback to check your exam readiness.









Happy funtooting!