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As summer vacation begins, kids get excited. They imagine all the fun and wonderful things they are going to do and subjects like algebra and science are far from their minds. However, summer is a critical time in childhood and you can enrich your child’s life and make it easier on him or her all during the school year if you take these 5 helpful tips to heart.


  1. Keep daily routines. Many parents simply turn their kids loose in summer and there are very few rules at home to follow. However, this can make children lazy and they may become easily bored. A bored child is far more likely to get into trouble than one who has things to do. Simple daily tasks can do wonders.
  2. Make a garden together. Most kids love to watch things grow and do things with their parents and gardening is a great source of education with no tuition costs. Why not start a garden this summer? There are so many easy things you can grow and it doesn’t cost a lot of money. Perhaps you live in an apartment. You can buy some bags of potting soil, seeds, and pots and make a fun and creative garden on the deck or patio.
  3. Get involved in your community. You and the kids can have a great deal of fun and help out those in your community requiring assistance. This teaches kids the value of helping others and there are many things you can do. Maybe you and the kids can get involved in a recycling or clothing drive, or be a math tutor to a deserving child.
  4. Start a special summer social media page. With your help, you and your child can leave messages, upload photos and videos and they will have a lot of fun. This is a great source for online education too, as they’ll have all the reference material they need for their “what I did over the summer” essays when they return to school.
  5. Consider an online tutor. There is no need to hire a local tutor when you can enjoy all the benefits of private tutoring online. Today’s online tutoring lets kids learn important subjects at their own pace and their own time schedules. funtoot offers kids a unique online experience which is personal and customized to their tastes and needs. For information on the many good things funtoot has to offer and details about online tuition, click this link now.