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Exam season is here, and so are the stress related to preparation.  It’s hard to concentrate when the fear grapples you & everything around you suddenly becomes complicated.  The main objective in such situation should be to practice topic by topic and not to rely on luck alone. Thanks to technology which can help out students in evaluating themselves & to build confidence. Here are few tips which can help a student to ace in exams:
  • Design a calendar: Mark all important dates for e.g. ‘Final exam day’ on a calendar. Now list out all the topics you need to study. Don’t write just the subject name but be specific & write the topic name. Break big sections to smaller units and assign a date for each subtopic. Strictly stick to the schedule.
  • Practical problems: You have spent last one year in learning different concepts. Now try applying these concepts to real life problems. Best way to do this is to login to funtoot & select the subtopics you wish to study. Try solving the problems in the first attempt itself.
  • Revision: A revision helps you identify learning gaps, so don’t wait for a whole subject revision. With the help of funtoot’s exam prep package one can revise after every subtopic is finished. Evaluating yourself at regular intervals can build confidence & save your time.
  • Take help: “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes” – Mahatma Gandhi. You have all the freedom to make mistakes and do not fear in making one. Take hints & observe how a same problem can be solved in multiple ways.
  • Reward yourself: Rewarding yourself is important for motivation. set a reward for yourself on achieving a particular goal. It can be a simple treat or may be an hour of play. funtoot has been using this very well by motivating every student with reward points known as fundas for every correct answer. These points are accumulated & can be used to play games on the portal.
  • Exercise & eat healthy: Your body needs exercise to perform better. Try stretching exercises which can be done inside a room. Avoid junk foods and divert your diet towards fresh vegetables & fruits. Iron & Vitamins (especially family of vitamin B) are particularly important to maintain the physical & mental energy for studying. Also do not forget to keep yourself hydrated.
All the best & happy funtooting!