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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding funtoot

What is funtoot?

Every child is unique & so are their learning needs. funtoot is their new personalized learning coach for curricular Math & Science.

One-on-one personal teaching is the oldest and the best way to learn for a child. funtoot – a personalized digital learning coach – behaves like an experienced tutor and guides the child through a unique learning journey for higher achievements. funtoot creates a fun-filled learning path for each child by taking into account his/ her interests, aptitude, concept comprehension, topic performance and curricular progress.

Like a personal coach, funtoot provides real-time assistance based on the child’s needs, encouraging learning through self-correction. It also motivates and rewards successful progression keeping the child engaged on the path to higher learning.

75,000+ students across schools in India are benefiting from our unique approach combining advances in computing technology, cognitive psychology and pedagogy to create higher learning achievements in every child.

Why should I use funtoot?

funtoot is an online learning portal that is dedicated to provide quality learning and education for students studying under CBSE, ICSE, IB and leading state boards. funtoot caters to the learning needs of students through its unique process of getting students to solve each question step by step and in descriptive manner.

How does funtoot work?


  • Discovers a child’s key interest areas and personalizes itself by evaluating basic IQ and adapting itself uniquely to each child
  • Interacts just like a human tutor; assesses how a child responds to a question, identifies learning gaps and resolves them
  • Assists in a unique manner on the learning gaps faced through hints, suggestions and questions that probe key concept areas
  • Encourages a child to work on funtoot and rewards him/her with ‘Fundas’ or points based on difficulty and success levels
  • Analyses the data points received from the student’s performance, calibrates and personalizes itself accordingly

All this is made possible by hundreds of algorithms running on patent pending technology based on AI (Artificial Intelligence), Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Is funtoot for kids who are struggling, at grade level, or advanced in studies?

funtoot has a unique ‘Adaptive Personalization’ engine built around AI, Machine Learning and NLP which keeps on continuously adjusting to learning needs and pace of each and every child. It defines distinct learning paths for every child making it compatible (not to mention enjoyable) for learners of all abilities. Struggling students get the basic foundational concepts they need, along with appropriate practice for mastery. On the other hand a more skilled student will perhaps skip foundational questions and jump straight to higher level problems.

How much time will I need to spend on funtoot?

You have the advantage of choosing when to study and how much to study with funtoot. You can log on any time and spend any amount of time (from a few minutes to look at the solution of a question, to a couple of hours to take a test, view all solutions and review concepts through solving each question step by step). That said, it is suggested that a student regularly practices for at least half an hour each day on the system. A marathon session on the weekend is highly not suggested; it will in fact prove to be counterproductive.

What all does funtoot offer?

funtoot offers online study content for CBSE, ICSE, IB and state boards for Math & Science.

My child is stuck at a point. Should I help my child with a problem? When is it best NOT to help a child?

Parents naturally want to help a child who is struggling to learn something new, especially as lessons get harder. But because funtoot is constantly assessing your child’s answers to understand what they’ve mastered and what they have yet to learn, parental help can sometimes actually make the lessons too hard.

funtoot has an inbuilt intervention system which helps students as they learn along. The first level of intervention is done in the form of ‘Hints’. Appropriate hints are displayed to student when he is stuck at a particular level. If he gets the hint and solves next question correctly, funtoot recalibrates itself accordingly. Hints are given three times for each question. If he is still unable to provide a correct solution, a step by step answer is provided to him and a next question of similar difficulty level is served to check his understanding. If the child is not able to get the concept even after 3 questions, the system locks down and asks him to go for Parent / Teacher intervention. This is the point where you should pitch in.

Our technology ensures that all aspects of the experience immediately adapt based upon how a student responds to each problem. The questions are just challenging enough that they occasionally get one incorrect as they learn. Part of that process of recalibrating for each student involves occasionally presenting a series of questions that might be a little too difficult. If they do well, funtoot moves them on to something that might rely upon the understanding they just demonstrated. If they don’t do so well, we then provide the comprehensive set of lessons they likely need to develop that understanding.

So if you provide too much overt assistance, answer for your child, or let a sibling or friend play on their account, it is quite possible that the system will temporarily attribute levels of proficiency — or lack thereof — that do not accurately reflect that of your child.

What should I do when my child comes to me for intervention/assistance?

If your children turn to you for assistance with a funtoot problem, try some of these approaches:

  • Ask your child to explain the question to you. Sometimes talking it through like this will give them the answer.
  • Read the problem and explain it to your child. If it is a verbal problem, it might help with the comprehension issue child might be having.
  • Encourage your child to make his or her best guess. Remind them it’s OK to make some mistakes. You will get an idea which concept he has been unable to grasp.
  • Sit with him while he makes another attempt at the question and see the hints which pop-up to guide him towards right answer. Explain the hints and help him formulate the answer rather than giving him answer directly.
  • If all that doesn’t work, perhaps it’s time for a snack or a break!

Using funtoot

How do I Login or Logout of funtoot?

To use funtoot, enter the address www.funtoot.com in your internet browser address bar. Click on the ‘Login’ button located at top right hand corner of the page. This will take you to login page. Enter your User ID (user name) and Password in the login box and click Sign In.

When you want to logout you can click on your name on the top right corner of the funtoot menu bar and select Log Out.

How do I change my password (recommended to change it on first login)?

You can change your password after logging in to funtoot. To change your password, click your name in the top right corner of the funtoot menu bar and select ‘Change Password’ and follow the instructions.

Can I change my profile image?

You can upload a picture to your profile. Click on your name on the top right of the menu bar and select Profile. In the profile page click the ‘Edit’ button and then click the Choose file button. Select a photo from your computer and then click Save.

Why is funtoot asking me about my interests?

The first time you login, you will be asked to arrange your interests followed by a series of questions which allows funtoot to know you. Please go through all of those before you begin your learning session. funtoot uses this to personalize your learning experience.

I forgot my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the ‘forgot password’ link available on the login page. A new password will be sent to your registered mail-id and phone number.

If I buy any course, for how long will it be valid?

Your paid subscription for a funtoot course is typically for a period of 1, 2, or 3 academic years. However, the exact period of validity varies depending on the month in which the purchase is made, and also from course to course. For any specific query pertaining to the validity of any course, please connect with the customer service department. Call 1800313002020 or email at support@embibe.com

Can I cancel my subscription?

Once a subscription is purchased, funtoot will not be able to provide any refund, either in full or in part. We suggest that prior to making a purchase decision you go through the demos or contact us at 1800313002020.

How do I change my grade?

Please reach us at 1800313002020 or write to us at support@embibe.com with your user name and request for upgrade.

Customer Care & Others

If I face any problem with regard to the website, who do I contact and how?

If you face any problem on our website, please contact us by sending us an e-mail at support@embibe.com or call us at 1800313002020.

How can I give a feedback about the website?

You can mail us at support@embibe.com with your feedback and suggestions.

Do I need a broadband connection to use funtoot?

For proper functioning of funtoot we recommend that you should have a broadband connection with following specifications:

  • Recommended connection: 512 kbps & above
  • Minimum connection speed: 256 kbps

Although funtoot will also work at lower connection speeds, for an optimum learning experience it is recommended that you have at least the minimum connection speeds specified above.