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Bring back the joy of learning Maths & Science

with funtoot

Grade 2-9 | CBSE & ICSE

Personalized Learning | Stronger Fundamentals | Higher Scores 

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As the new academic year starts equip your child with their Personal Digital Tutor for Maths & Science

With funtoot's problem based learning approach, students are equipped with not just the knowledge but the skills to apply the concepts learned. funtoot creates a customized learning path for each child by taking into account his/her understanding level, interests, current and past performances and knowledge dependencies.

Features of funtoot

Focused content

Exclusively designed content for students studying in CBSE & ICSE syllabus.

Comprehensive Revision

Revision at the end of each subtopic to build confidence.


Instant results

Instant results to evaluate the concept readiness.


Real time assistance

Timely need-based interventions when students are struggling at any topic. Ranges from mild messages & hints to video tutorials and full solutions.

Personalized questions

Adjusts complexity & speed per child and guides cross-concept learning.

Real time Reports

Reports dashboard for students & parents and weekly email notifications for effective guidance.

Develop Problem Solving Skills

Guided learning path from lower complexity to higher complexity, resulting in remember, understand and application of knowledge.

Multiple Question Types

Question responses support descriptive answers, step-by-step entries, fill in the blanks, multiple choice, match content & word problems

Concept Video Tutorials

(Grade 9 only) Videos to explain principles and working examples in active topic.

Instant Encouragement

Reward student with fundaas (skill points) for solving problems and completing topics. 

Gift your child the power digital learning through funtoot.

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