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Remember when you were a child and went back to school after a long and beautiful summer? History, science and algebra all seemed like foreign languages. It is a difficult adjustment and can take weeks or longer to get back on track. However, you can help to prevent this kind of problem by following these tips.


  1. Offer tutoring during the school year. One of the best ways to avoid learning loss is to do well during the year. If your child is having problems with numbers or geometry, be a math tutor. If you don’t have the time, there are many good online tutoring programs available. Online education provides many benefits.
  2. Make math fun. Sit down with the kids and give them 2 or 3 math problems a few times per week. Make the work challenging but not too difficult for them. Kids love puzzles and challenges and if they don’t think it is forced learning, they will have a lot of fun. This will keep their math skills active and strong during the summer months.
  3. Spend time at the local library. Most libraries are no longer crowded due to all the online information available today. Kids can receive a fun learning experience when they check out all the amazing and wonderful fiction and nonfiction books which are freely available to them.
  4. Sign the kids up for fun classes. Do they like martial arts, dance or other exciting things to do? Tuition for these classes is not too expensive and it gets the kids into a regular routine. Plus, they’ll get to spend time with other kids and possibly make new friends.
  5. Play school. Kids love to play so why not pretend you are the student and the child is the teacher. Let your young teacher get up before a blackboard or easel and teach you about important school subjects. This helps to keep learned information in the mind, so it won’t be lost or misplaced during the summer.
  6. Make summer learning fun and interesting. Did you know you can join an online tutoring program like Funtoot and kids have the chance to learn and enjoy themselves at the same time? Our online tutor program provides personalized learning with real time assistance and instant encouragement and rewards. Learning is based on the child’s needs and they receive the benefits of notifications and progress reports. Visit us today at https://www.funtoot.com/product-features/ for features and online tuition information.