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funtoot combines
high quality services
pedagogy innovations

funtoot Services Breakthrough

Human Coordination

Artificial Intelligence
Human coordinators help in creation and conduction of examinations.

Exam Paper Creation

Natural Language Processing
Tool assisted paper creation.

Predictive Testing

Predictive Learning
Creation of exam papers based on important chapters and concepts.

Large Question Bank

Adaptive Models
Pre-existing question bank in maths and science based on CBSE and state boards.

Report Generation

Dynamic Content Generation
Helps in generating faster reports of each exam and test.

Multiple Papers One for Each Section

Recommendation Engines
Helps school to create multiple papers for each exam in fraction of time with help of tool.

funtoot’s Pedagogical Innovations

Science behind funtoot Examinations

Ontology connected between concepts ->Sub Concepts -> Sub Sub Concepts and related micro learning gaps

Granular Knowledge Graph

Science behind funtoot

IRT (Item Response Theory) based item difficulty tagging built on millions of data points as obtained from 100,000 students over a period of last 5 years

Assisted Learning Path

Science behind funtoot

Optimization technique (Integer Programming) to auto select questions as per the parameters defined by the teacher